Currently Kawambwa Tea Industries Limited trades in high grade loose tea that is sold in bulk quantities. Our packaging is in durable nylon sacks that ensure protection against moisture and dust while preserving the rich aroma of the Kawambwa tea. We can package and deliver in 90Kg, 50Kg & 25Kg configurations. As part of our product diversification, we will soon have vacuum sealed and waterproof packing suited for long term storage and export ready packaging.

Tea Nursery

KTIL has a nursery of over 300,000 tea bush seedlings that are propagated from the existing mature bushes. As part of our business strategy some of these seedlings will be distributed to small scale farmers around the region as we roll out our Out Grower Scheme. This initiative is aimed at creating employment and involving the local communities in the cultivation and supply of green leaf tea.


The Kawambwa Tea estate has over 230 Hectares of planted eucalyptus trees that are eco managed to provide a continuous supply of logs that are used in the processing of green leaf tea. A strict replanting policy is in existence that ensures the preservation of the environment.